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We follow our unique principle of T.I.E (Train, Improve & Excel). Our strength lies in defining individual capabilities and offering experiential learning. Our modules are entrenched with a grasp of human learning psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). These form the basis of our training, mentoring, and coaching.

As your learning partner, we endeavor to provide an enriching and immersive experience that creates a positive impact. 


  • English Language Training

  • Unconscious Bias

  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

  • 4 Disciplines of Execution

  • Image Consulting

  • Middle Management Effectiveness

  • Social Media Profiling

  • Building Organization Culture

  • Sales Training


The initial few steps on your career path shape your professional journey. Whether you're an educational institute or an entry-level professional, our Employability Programs will help you bridge the gap between what's taught in the classroom and the corporate world.


These training programs are designed to give you a learning experience that acts as the baseline of your career progression.  ​

  • Business Writing

  • Communications Skills

  • Design your CV and Cover Letter

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Interview Skills

  • MS Excel

  • Presentation Making Skills

  • Presentation Skills

Working Woman
Image by Matteo Vistocco


To ensure all three levels (Functional, Tactical, Strategic) of management get an opportunity to up-skill, we created the following programs, imbibing an understanding of Business Management Frameworks.

  • Business Continuity Management

  • Change Management

  • Developing and Leading Talent

  • Decision Making

  • Feedback Essentials

  • Handling Difficult Interactions

  • Leadership Essentials

  • Performance Management

  • POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment)

  • Situational Leadership

  • Quality Management

  • Risk Management

  • Stress Management

  • Time Management


Keeping up with the dynamics of the IT industry can be hard. But we're here to help!

We offer the following modules, delivered by professionals to help you stay abreast of changes in the technical domain.

  • SharePoint - Admin, Designer and End User

  • Excel and Power BI

  • Office 365

  • SQL Server

  • Microsoft .Net

Programming Console
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